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Purchasing points? Adding-on?New

Looking to purchase your first contract or thinking of adding on? How many points will you need? PDF point charts are tedious to pour through. Skip all that. Answer a few easy questions like what size room do you like and what are your favorite resorts, then let us do the math to instantly see how many points per year you'll need!

See your contract

Know your dates?

Enter the number of points you have to spend and your travel dates. We'll show you the best way to use all of those points including extending your trip!

Find you best trip

Don't know your dates?

Instantly see how many nights you can get across all DVC resorts. No more fumbling with spreadsheets and point chart PDFs. Optionally, filter by room size and resort to narrow down to your best stay.

When will you go?

Availability Calendar

Choose your resort, room type and view. We'll show you a calendar with the points per night and current availability.

Can you go?

Attraction Height Calculator

Enter your height and we'll show you every attraction you can go on! And the one's you're not quite tall enough for, yet...

How tall are you?


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DVC Prices

List of current DVC resort pricing

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